Mama Roux

History of Mama Roux

The name Mama Roux comes from a song by Dr. John from the 1968 Gris Gris album.

Pat McDonald first used the name Mama Roux for a marching group she organized in the mid 70's for the Krewe of Clones, because that song embodied everything she loved about New Orleans.  The Krewe of Clones were splitting up as the Krewe du Vieux was forming.

Mama Roux left Clones and joined the Krewe of Avant Garde. and marched with them only once.  The group was looking for the correct expression for their creative juices when Vivian and Richard Cahn were invited to a Krewe du Vieux gathering by some of the founding members.  They loved the vibe and Mama Roux became a KDV sub-krewe in 1988, a year after Krewe du Vieux started marching.  At the time, Mama Roux consisted of a group of fun-loving friends from the Faubourg St. John neighborhood, who had a long, colorful history of partying together, affectionately and correctly referring to themselves as “The Bad Girls and Boys”.

Vivian & Richard became the captains of Mama Roux, and have retained this position ever since then, mostly because no one else wants it.

Mama Roux often made pithy and funny theme statements on local political shenanigans.

Although none of our members could remember what our themes were each year (and some couldn’t remember the next day), the ones still in the archives are:

1991—KDV theme “Lost Conventions” Mama Roux can’t find the folder for this one. Anyone who remembers please contact us.

1992—KDV theme “Krewe du Vieux Rights the News”. The year of Councilwoman Dorothy Taylor’s anti-discrimination ordinance.  Mama Roux went Egyptian for “Dorotiti, Queen of Denial”.

1993—Posthumorously Yours. The year of the infamous Mardi Gras ordinances. Mama Roux came as “Comus Interruptus”.

1994—The Ballot of New Orleans. M/R went as noble Romans for “Sidney Fiddles While Home Burns”.

1995—Unnaturally New Orleans. Mama Roux moved Harrah’s to St. Louis Cathedral, thereby becoming the “Holy Rollers”.

1996—KDV Achieves Decade-ence. M/R were duck hunters for “Foster Doesn’t Give A Flying Duck”.

1997—KDV Goes Deep. “Mama Roux Scores” with a giant ovum achieving penetration.

1998—KDV Gets Souled Down the River. Mama Roux was half clad with “Costumes Half Off”.

1999—Urban Myths. Mama Roux—“Premature Evacuation”.

2000—The Idiot’s and the Oddities. Mama Roux—Harrah’s—“The Golden Fleeced”.

2001—A Space Fallacy. Mama Roux went very green as the “Million Martian March”.

2002—Depraved New World. Mama Roux members went as Ernie K-Doe in “Keep the Jive Alive: K-Doe for Mayor”.

2003—Krewe du Vieux Goes Off the Record. Mama Roux were brown cockroaches for “Raid Nagin”.

2004—Krewe du Vieux’s Quest for Immorality. Mama Roux—“Save Our Stools”.

2005—WWKdVD? This is the theme that would spark off radical Catholic religious protests in 2007. Mama Roux, appearing in saintly, haloed garb was more than happy to “Spank the Other Cheek”.

2006—“C’est Levee” The first parade after the Federal Flood, sometimes inaccurately blamed on Hurricane Katrina. M/R went fashionably wrapped in blue for “Home is Where the Tarp Is”.

2007—Habitat For Insanity. Mama Roux was pretty in pink as the dawlin’ “Beautician’s Village”.

2008—KDV’s Magical Misery Tour. Mama Roux was vibrantly rainbow-hued in “We All Live In A Jello Shot Machine”.

2009—KDV’s Stimulus Package. We were alternately in the black and in the red---leather, that is, as “Mama Roux Invests In Stocks & Bondage”.

2010—KDV Gets Fired Up. King Dr. John & Priestess Miriam Queen Mother. As a response to the Religious Wrong picketing our parade, we costumed as sinners to spoof their vision of our fate in “Mama Roux Burns In Hell”.

2011—“25 Years Wasted”. Our silver anniversary. Mama Roux went SteamPunk for the “Department of Wasted Management”.

2012—KDV commits “Crimes Against Nature”. Mama Roux dons diaphanous Middle Eastern garb paired with shrimp boots as “Arabi Spring—The Chic of Arabi”.

2013—KDV Comes Early. Not to be outdone by the spectacle of the Super Bowl, Mama Roux’s Joint Task Force Produced "The Stupor Bowl".

2014—Where the Vile Things Are. Mama Roux Made Grosseries.

2015—KDV Begs For Change. Mama Roux let it all hang out with their “GMO’s—Genetically Modified Orgasms”.

2016—XXX—KDV’s 30th march. Mama Roux marchers are “One Nightstands”.

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